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Character: Motoko Kusanagi

The Major Motoko Kusanagi.

The Major

Motoko Kusanagi

Info: Major Motoko Kusanagi’s body is mostly robotic. She is a cyborg in the complete sense of the word. Its an excellent question of what it would be like if we did have cyborg secret police?

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Character: Kuze

Kuze of the Individual Eleven.


the Individual Eleven

Info: This guys mouth does not move and his face is almost always stiff, making him one hell of a tough poker player.

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Character: Yoko


Yoko Kayabuki

Japanese Prime Minister

Info: She stands her ground in a world dominated by men. Her leadership, calm, collective, and intelligent demeanor sets the stage for maintaining a balance in the society in which she influences.

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Character: Batou

Batou with a big gun.


Ready For Combat!

Info: Even though he appears tough and mean, he does have a very human side to him. He is an excellent side kick for the Major.

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Character: Togusa



of Section 9

Info: Togusa is the most human character on the Section 9 team. He has a family and you get to see the human side of him much more often than any other character in the whole show.

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