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Wonder Woman (2017)

Score: 8/10

Wonder Woman movie poster.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot

Synopsis: When a pilot crashing and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves her home to fight a war. On her journey she discovers her full potential and true her destiny.

Review: Tiny little Diana is a child who wants to learn to fight like any true Amazonian warrior. She begs her mother to let her train with the other warriors but is denied. She is told the story of Zeus and how Aries led a war against human kind and the Amazons. She is also shown the God-Killer sword.

Diana Prince the Wonder Woman.

Diana Prince

Wonder Woman

I love the fact that Wonder Woman has an accent. Great! She is supposed to portray someone of some sort of Greek decent even though she was make from clay. Gal Gadot is the right person to play Wonder Woman. She has the look, talent, and passion for the art of motion picture film to play this very big role. You can see her dedication to the role. She is not just an actress who is getting paid to say words in front of a camera. This is Chris Pine’s better work for sure. I didn’t really like his acting in the Star Trek J.J. Abrams series. He just didn’t seem like Captain Kirk to me. His acting skills fit very well here in this movie. He is of course the unlikely mentor for Diana. I really like that. He is not old like Gandalf or Obi Wan. Through out the course of the film, you see what kind of relationship he has with Wonder Woman and I have to say great job!

Wonder Woman.


Gal Gadot

The film focuses on the concept of war and humanity. I like how the character Aries is not who you think he is. I wont go into spoilers but his entire character is base on Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War. One quote says ‘ When I am near I appear far’ for those who have seen the film, you start to understand the writing and thought of this character. I have to say I am impressed with this movie. I though that with the state of politics of today that the film would be very extreme and divisive but I was wrong, and I am so happy that I was wrong. After watching the worst movie I have ever seen in entire life Batman V Superman (2016), I literally quit the DC universe altogether. Yet this film was highly recommended by everyone I know who watched it. So can this film act as a defibrillator and bring back life to completely and 100% dead cinematic universe? The answer is, yes! My faith in the DCU is restored thanks to this film.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince .

Great Job!

Well Done

The film has a very different take on Greek mythology, but that is expected from a story derived from a comic book adaptation of the ancient mythology. The first act of the film is basically the King Arthur story. This is good and bad since writing a movie in that style makes the film mostly predictable. You can tell Gal Gadot and Chris Pine where trying not to laugh during the more ‘relationship’ talk early on in the film. I’ll try to keep this review as decent as possible. The cinematography is perfect. The movie has a sepia tone to the lighting, which is very fitting for the time period. The movie has all kinds of twists and turns, which are really needed to make this kind of movie less predicable. I was presently surprised by this film. It is a high quality movie. Great Job!

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