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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig - TV Series (2002)

Score: Perfect 10/10

Ghost in the Shell (1995).

Ghost in the Shell

S.A.C. 2nd Gig

Its rare that I give a series a perfect score but here it is. This show hits every possible point on how a good TV anime series should be made. Everything from philosophical concepts, life lessons, beautiful artwork, questions of morality, the concept of god, self aware artificial intelligence, and much more. You can’t but help think that these story lines in this show may very well be something us humans will face in the future.

Major Motoko Kusanagi.

The Major

Motoko Kusanagi

Automation is a big worry among workers all over the world. Will my job be replaced with robotic automation? A quick search on the most popular video sharing sites on the web for advanced prosthetics will show us that cybernetics are becoming a full blown reality, especially in the medical community. Giving people the ability to live normal who have lost their limbs. Prosthetics are definitely becoming more advanced. From legs to arms, we can see these prosthetics becoming more prominent. In fact the medical community is already using advance pacemakers, some of them pump blood through the human body without the typical ‘pulse’. Meaning that if you check this persons pulse, there won’t be one. The person is alive but has now pulse. Wow! Yeah, seriously look that up, its amazing. Many peoples lives have been saved and extended by this kind of technology and with more research and development, this tech will get even more advanced in a shorter amount of time. So yes folks, cybernetic are real and getting better with time. So the Major’s robotic body is science fiction up to a certain point, but a lot of her cybernetics already exist and the rest of her will exist in the very near future. The only real question is can we humans really have just our human brain in a robotic ‘Shell” of a body? If not right now, what medical breakthroughs would make that possible? Would most people even do something like that? Would a person be so desperate not to die, that they ’Shell’ them selves regardless of their fears and choose life over death using this technology? Will this become the new norm just like going outside and seeing almost everyone around you staring down at their smart phones? At the stop light in a car, at school, at work, talking to some one and then noticing that they are very quite, so you look over at them and see them jacked into the matrix of social media and they forgot that they were speaking to a real life breathing human being on planet earth. I seriously wonder if us humans are ready for this tech. It looks like we can’t even handle our black monoliths we call smart phones.

the team.

Section 9

The Team

Are these the issues of the future? Cyber crime? Information warfare attacks are in play in today’s world. Almost everyday we see on the news major cyber intrusions into very well known conglomerates. As we can see in the TV show, cyber crime runs ramped and we see this same thing is happening in the form of ransomware all over the world. Its kind of scary really, these attacks are on a major scale but so are the cyber attacks on the TV show. Even worse yet, Biomedical engineers tell us that these advance prosthetics such as pacemakers, can be hacked! That’s no deferent from the TV show. That is very worrisome. The main villains rely on malware to some extent, some more than others. Anyone who studies cyber security will see that this is what is happening literally right now as of the time of this review.

The laughing Man.

Kuze and

The Major

The Section 9 team is interesting. The situations that they are put in are what actually brings out the best in them. You can call it a form of determinism, evaluation, or even conflict advancing the plot. The way that the team adapts is what’s very intriguing. Sometimes they are at their best and when this happens its very dynamic, especially the action scenes. The ability to adapt to ones changing environment is one of the main themes of the show. Do the characters break or bend in the face of the adversity? How does the use of team work help the characters over come troubling situations? How does the cybernetic augmentation help each team member? This show explores these elements and test the team beyond their limits.

Mech suit battle.

A Happy


This series is so rich with its stories. They are layered one on top of the other. I had a lot of fun watching this series. The artwork is amazing. The show has a well balanced mix of 3D CGI and regular anime artwork. The show is so contagious that a live action movie Ghost in the Shell (2017) has been made ‘extremely loosely’ based on the whole franchise. The movie creators could not make up their damn mind on which villain and story line they wanted. that’s strange really. I love all the tech in this TV series. The story lines are so complex and diverse, its very hard to get bored watching this show. The more advanced technology we see in real life, the more we are reminded of the Ghost in the Shell franchise. I highly recommend this Anime series. It really is one of the best shows out there!

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