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Sophie Turner

Character: Sansa Stark

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Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark.

Great work!

Sophie Turner!

Some people have to learn the hard way unfortunately. Sadly that is Sansa Stark's lesson in life. Trusting to easily have led her down a road of misery and pain, but she is learning the game. Cersei Lannister has said “When you play the game of thrones, you either when or you die.” Sansa wants to live. She seams like a good person in a harmful world. I am really interested in what comes next for her and what her deal is with Petyr Baelish.

Margaery Tyrell.

Learning the game

Sansa Stark

She is changing into a strong and wiser person, which is necessary for her to rule Winterfell. See Sophie Turner's film reviews More Details

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