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Merlin by BBC.



This was fun watching the show when it first came out on TV. I have to say I really enjoyed this series so much. Its one of my favorite TV shows. The deferent adventures the character go on is very interesting. There is always something new and you tend to get attached to the characters since the creators of this show developed them so well. Merlin was truly tested like no other character on TV.

Margaery Tyrell.

Merlin and


This is one of my top picks since you get so much from out of this show. Knights, Wizards, Dragons, and leaders trying to take the throne of Camelot are just some of the elements in this show. This one is easy to get hooked on. I love binge watching this show. One of the best.

Emilia Fox



Lighting candles

This show is more family friendly than Camelot by Starz. There are Knights that battle in armor. Tournament style combat but nothing risqué. This on is a good one to watch for the whole family.

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