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Maisie Williams

Character: Arya Stark

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Maisie Williams as Arya Stark

Great Job!

Maisie Williams!

Arya Stark in Game of thrones is a very interesting and awesome character. I really like how she learns many different skills from the other characters that she interacts with such as Anguy the champion archer from The Brother hood with out Banners teaching her advanced archery, Jaqen H’ghar teaches her how to become no one, and Syrio Forel teaches her sword fighting. I love how the character Arya changes and becomes more than what she was before. She learns more about society and how to get what she wants from people. The “pie” she makes is truly terrifying. You tend to feel like your taking this journey with her.

Arya Stark with needle.

Arya Stark

with needle

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