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Lena Headey

Character: Cersei Lannister

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Cersei Lannister as Cersei Lannister.


Lena Headey!

She is truly awesome. This woman is one bad ass Queen for sure. She can be delightfully mean and evil. This villainess definitely controls the story with her plotting and scheming from the iron throne or from the shadows. I love that fact that we get to see what this villain is actually made of. So many times we see the hero versus the villain, but we rarely ever see the villain versus the villain. I find so much satisfaction in Cersei’s story line. I can’t wait to see more from this maleficent Queen.

Lena Headey the best.


Lena Headey

You can’t help but to be enchanted by her on screen.Thank you so much Lena Headey. She knows how to play royalty very well. Hail Queen Cersei! See Lena Headey's film reviews More Details

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