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Katie McGrath

Character: Morgana

Katie McGrath as Morgana.


Katie McGrath

One of my favorite actresses hands down. I very impressed with her work as Morgana, which of course is my favorite female villainess. How delightfully evil this character can be, always stalking from the shadows and scheming like any true villain should. She creates temporary alliances and strikes her enemies at the right time.

Katie McGrath Morgana.



I prefer her role on this show since we are able to see the magnificent acting she does and how incredibly talented she is as a wonderful actress, unlike a certain movie about giant genetically engineered dinosaurs and will remain unnamed. Seriously though, don’t get me started on THAT movie. In the show Merlin we get to see her play the lovely lady ward of King Uther Pendragon, the sinister villainess archenemy of Emeriss, and sometimes some where in between. Bottom line is, we get to see a wide range of her acting skills and the growth of her character, for which I am very grateful.

Katie McGrath.

Thank You!

Katie McGrath!

One of the Best villains ever! Thank you Katie McGrath!

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