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Eva Green

Character: Morgan

Katie McGrath as Morgana.


Eva Green

This actress is superb! I love watching her play Morgan. She defiantly knows her stuff as an entertainer. The Camelot show did not last long but Eva Green is most defiantly the best part of the show. She is a true star indeed. I guess I go for the villainess since I was routing for Morgan the whole show, LOL. Sorry but Arthur came off as a spoiled brat. Morgan wants the throne for herself and will do anything to keep it. She’s dangerous. She not only makes deals with another leader to usurp the throne from Arthur, but also makes deals with a specter from the other side. That’s some dangerous crap right there! I think this is one of Eva Green's top performances. She is really captivating and charming.




Her eyes are truly hypnotic. You can see the festering evil in her eyes when Morgan gets angry! She is one of the best villains. Her castle is like her evil lair where she mixes potions and plans evil schemes with her subordinates. Classic villainy. Its fun to see the classic villain and her interaction with Merlin. She really knows how to get into the head of her enemy. She also knows how to read people and test them to see what they are made of. Bottom line is, this is one of the most well though out villains and Eva Green does a great job as Morgan.

Katie McGrath.

Thank You!

Katie McGrath!

Great Job playing Morgan! Thank you Eva Green for your wonderful performance!

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