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Emillia Clarke

Character: Daenerys Targeryen

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Emillia Clarke as Daenerys Targeryen


Emillia Clarke!

My favorite Story and character in Game of Thrones is most defiantly that of Daenerys Targeryen. To see how suffering has change her, made her stronger, smarter, wiser, and a different person than when she started on her journey is beyond all else amazing. Believing in your dreams even when every one else says that they wont happen, staying the course, and seeing your dreams to the end speaks volumes.

Emillia Clarke  Daenerys.



She wants to break the wheel and make a better world than the one she has now is moving. Lets not forget the dragons! One of the more enchanting qualities of her personality is that she makes her own rules, which causes people to follow her magnetic personality.

Arya Stark with needle.

Daenerys Targeryen

Mother of Dragons!

Her story line takes a much more exotic path. The regions she passes through takes you away and makes you feel like you are in a fantasy world. Beautiful scenery and excellent cinematography is magnificent.We love the Mother of Dragons! See Emillia Clarke's film reviews More Details

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