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Dollhouse by FOX.



Joss Whedon has created a gem of a show. Something controversial, adventurous, and captures excitement. What the elites that control the Dollhouse are doing is the essence of unethical. Using people and striping them of their humanity is beyond immoral. The show explores the concepts of evolution, ethics, psychology, and social hierarchy. Different episodes explores aspects of human psychology. From revenge, to love, to guilt, to acceptance, and so on. Social engineering is the biggest tool any one of the characters in this show can use to their advantage. Much like in real life, if you get the right people on your side they can be a great help to you. Certain characters try to build their own network of people to help them with their secret plans. The show is layered with many aspects of our society today.

Echo being imprinted  .



Topher Brink ( Fran Kranz ) is the archetypal mad scientist that mind wipes the Actives. He actually believes that he is helping these people. Adelle DeWitt tells Topher that he has no moral compass at all and its easy to see why she says that to him. He is the type of nerd who specializes in a couple of different fields and is even considered to be a genius but he has no social skills at all. He is a agoraphobic, narcissistic, anti-social, shut-in, and naïve nerd. This technology of the Dollhouse is being weaponized and its changing the world as a whole and not in a good way at all. Some ideas are better left unexplored. Some of the characters lie to them selves and say that they don’t care but you can see the guilt in their eyes. Others characters just plain admit that they are complicit in something morally and ethically wrong but still do nothing about it. The characters being so far underground makes it seem like they are in another world all together. With their own set of laws and punishment. An underworld of sorts.

Emilia Fox


A human weapon

fighting to survive

Humanity can be awful at times and the Dollhouse is the calm before the storm. If anything, this show is a cautionary tale as to what can happen if the wrong people got their hands on this kind of technology and it is truly apocalyptic. The people at the top of the food chain who control the Dollhouse are like gods. They can cast you down to the lower levels of the mind trapping you forever or they can give you a life of talent and decadence you could only dream of. Its scary because the characters like Echo are locked very deep underground in a self contained tempest hardened facility where they have no chance of escaping and because no one really believes that the Dollhouse even exists, no one is looking for them. In a real sense, you belong to them. They can kill you if they wanted to or do worse and make you wish you were dead. A rather unique TV show. The concept is not usually explored in media today. This is most definitely an adventure for sure. There are lots a twist and turns through out the whole series.

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