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By: Starz

Camelot by Starz.


By Starz

This one is dark, really dark. Not a family show by any means at all. This one is in the same vain as Game of Thrones. The show is very interesting how it shows the King Arthur story. The true star of the show is without a doubt Eve Green as Morgan. She is know for Penny Dreadful so I can see fans of hers flocking to some of her past work such as this. The show focuses around a young Arthur who is to be King. He has a refurbished ruin for a castle and his eyes on another man’s wife. He has to fight to prove that he is worthy of being the King and that’s where things get interesting, when things don’t go right is when we see what he is truly made of. He wants to do the right thing but he is very human, more of an average person than the King legend. He can be true and noble some times and no good at others. Plenty of times it is Merlin that creates this idea of King Arthur rather than Arthur living up to the legend.

Margaery Tyrell.


Joseph Fiennes

Merlin is great in this show. He shows Arthur what people think and how this game is played. He has Arthur do tasks in front of people to show them that he is worthy to be their King, like some form of hero worship. This is a very mysterious version of the Wizard Merlin. I like this Merlin the best out of all the different Arthurian myths in media today. The show is not bad at all. Most people feel that the character Arthur in this show is not worthy of the legend. Maybe their criticism of the character is true but Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes more than make up for any short comings of the King Arthur character in this show. The look of this show is incredible. The wardrobe looks amazing and you get the feeling that you are there with the characters in their big castle. I actually enjoyed watching this show because I could not really tell what was going to happen next. This is not your typical Arthurian myth.

Margaery Tyrell.


Eva Green

If your looking for a more raw and gritty King Arthur story, than this one might be for you.

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